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Qatar real estate – rentals

Over 60% of property in Qatar are offered on the rental market. The distribution of these rental properties varies across the country, with the majority of apartments for rent being found in the capital, Doha and Lusail, the second largest and recently developed “Smart City” of Qatar. The Pearl is a man-made island and relatively new part of Doha with a huge offering of high-end developments, including luxurious apartment towers with private beach access, marina facilities, and Mediterranean inspired canal-side and beach-side townhouses.

There are plenty of real estate agencies in Qatar, and to register with these individually to find a home is both time consuming and limiting. It is far more time efficient and useful to search for a property using a property portal, as this would give you access to a greater range of properties at once and there are several here in Qatar.

Ahmad Al Kuwari, the founder of Property Oryx advises: “Searching for a property can be exciting but exhausting too, especially if you are new to the country and not familiar with the ways things work. It is always best to approach the task in a methodical manner, start by making a list of things that you need to consider in order of importance. Use a good property portal, as this can definitely make the process much easier and faster. If you use the search facility fully, then you should be able to find your perfect home in no time at all!”.

Properties for rent in Qatar

Rental properties for a family
There are many considerations that families will face when looking for a home. They may consider the daily commute to work or school, the local amenities like sports clubs and parks, or shopping facilities like malls and large hypermarkets. The following locations are ideal for families: Al Waab, Ain Khaled, Abu Hamour, West Bay Lagoon. However, for families on a strict budget, there are a number of locations like Al Wakra, Al Khor, Old Airport and Al Gharrafa with a good selection of nearby schools and great local facilities like parks and malls that have a fantastic offering of cheaper homes. Amongst the available selection are even some furnished homes, making life that extra bit easier.

Some families prefer to look at only villas for rent and this may be due to the fact that they would like to have amenities like a garden/yard, maids room, or nursery. Another consideration for a family might be the cost of the property itself, in which case homes that have special offers on them, like 1 month rent free, or have bills like water and electricity included, would be more suitable.
Rental properties for couples or professionals

Couples or professionals will most likely have other considerations when looking for a home and may prefer to look for apartments instead. They may want to find a place close to their workplace or prefer to be near a metro or bus station for their commute. Suitable locations for this category of renter may include The Pearl, West Bay Lagoon, Lusail, Ain Khaled or Mushaireb. They may look for amenities like a gym, concierge, spa or squash court, or prefer to live by a waterfront. Serviced apartments may appeal to this category of renter, as they may like to have extra services like housekeeping included in the rent.

Rentals properties for single renters, students, bachelors or the budget conscious
Qatar has a large expatriate population, and most of these are young males (commonly known as bachelors) that have come to work in Qatar. Many have a limited budget, which is why it is common to see cheaper rental properties being advertised as ‘suitable for bachelors’. These come mainly in the form of studio apartments or even rooms for rent.

There is also a large student population that come from abroad to study at Qatar University, the top public university of the nation, and the other world-class international universities, the majority of which are situated in the impressive Education City campus. Some students may prefer not to live on campus and instead find their own accommodation.

There are also properties advertised as suitable for single females too, but it is best to check as some properties or buildings may only take male renters, a decision aligned with the nation’s respectful and conservative culture. There are some locations where one can find budget rentals like Umm Ghuwailina, Al Hilal, Old Airport, Al Thumama, and Al Mansoura.

Short Term
Short-term rentals in Doha are great for those wishing to stay for a number of days, weeks, or even months. You may prefer to temporarily take a short-term rental home until your situation and stay in Qatar is made more permanent or perhaps whilst you are exploring your options before committing to a long-term rental contract. Serviced apartments are a great short-term option, and there are many websites that have short-term rental listings:
• Qatar Living – Look through the short-term or hotel stay section, you can find some good deals on here, especially for 1-month stays.
• Airbnb – not very useful in Qatar at the moment, largely due to the strict regulation of the tourism sector and restrictive subletting rules for those who rent their homes.
• – It is possible to find short-term rental homes if you select the Kitchenette filter, it will show studios/apartments which can be rented on a daily basis. Alternatively, if you are looking at hotels, when you find the hotel you like, sometimes you can save money by booking directly, so always check their own website too.
• Hapondo – This site has a short-term filter and at the time of writing there are few listings that come up.
• Property Finder – This site has a weekly pricing option that shows short-term listings, but again, there aren’t many listings. At the time of writing, the advertised apartments for rent in The Pearl cost almost as much as “Hilton The Pearl Hotel & Residences” but without the same level of service and amenities. You can also search for hotel apartments too.


Abu Hamour
This vibrant and lively area with a number of schools is ideal for families. The homes for rent in Abu Hamour are mainly villas and apartments in compounds which are great, as they offer on-site facilities and can be found furnished too. This is ideal for facilitating a quick, hassle-free move. There are four large, local shopping malls with something for everyone to enjoy, as each one is buzzing with a selection of boutique retailers, large chains, artisan cafes, food courts, supermarkets, fine dining restaurants, and cinemas.

Ain Khaled
Ain Khaled is a fantastic place for families or couples looking to find properties for rent outside of the more costly capital Doha. The majority of apartments and villas for rent in the area are located in compounds and gated developments, offering a whole host of amenities. These include the usual features like maintenance, security, safe play areas for children, and plenty more such as swimming pools, gyms, various sporting and entertainment facilities, and even restaurants – making them ideal for families and very sporty couples.

Al Gharrafa
Al Gharrafa is known for its many large shopping malls that attract the residents of surrounding districts, and is home to the impressive Sidra Medical and Research Centre and other local landmarks, such as the Al Gharrafa Health Centre (PHCC) and Al Gharrafa Stadium. This location is populated with many residential compounds, offering apartments and villas for rent with varying levels of amenities that suit all budgets, offering their residents 24-hr security, maintenance, children’s playgrounds, clubhouse facilities, swimming pools, gyms, spa facilities, as well as indoor and outdoor sporting facilities to name a few. This especially makes them an ideal choice for families, and one can find plenty of furnished villas and apartments to make the move easier.

Al Hilal
Al Hilal is a mixed purpose district in Doha situated between two main circular roads of Doha, the C-Ring Road and the D-Ring Road. As a result, there are many commercial buildings in the district housing the offices of several major companies. At the time of writing there is a good offering of properties suitable for those looking for cheaper accommodation, and the majority of apartments available in the area are either studio or 1-bedroom options.

Al Khor
One of the larger cities in Qatar, Al Khor (not to be confused with the municipality of Al Khor), is a coastal district located about 60 kilometres north of the capital Doha. It is home to Al Bayt stadium and Al Khor General Hospital which is the first multi-speciality healthcare facility situated outside of the capital Doha. The location is great for families as it has many attractions such as the Al Sultan hotel resort, Al Khor Mall and one of the largest parks in Qatar, Al Khor Park. Al Khor offers affordable family housing for its residents, which are found to be considerably cheaper than the capital Doha.

Al Mansoura
This area is a mixed-use area and has many commercial and government office blocks, but it is mainly populated with residential apartment blocks. Some of these are private with studio, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments available for rent. However, many are actually residential blocks for the employees of various large corporations like Qatar Airways, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Carrefour. The area has plenty of apartments for rent, varying from fully furnished, high-end, luxurious flats with all the modern conveniences and facilities, to the cheaper, simpler apartments for bachelors or couples on a budget.

Al Thumama
Primarily a residential district that has seen rapid development in recent years, the area has good road connections to the capital, Doha and is also close to Hamad International Airport. There are a number of local and international schools in the area, making it an ideal neighbourhood for families. The housing in the area consists of mainly privately owned standalone villas. However, there are a number of residential compounds where there are apartments and villas for rent, available with various shared compound facilities for the residents. The area is also home to the magnificent Al Thumama Stadium, one of the 2022 FIFA World Cup venues.

Al Waab
Al Waab is a district in Al Rayyan situated close to the capital, Doha. It is a lively neighbourhood closely located to Aspire Zone with its large park, open spaces, renowned Khalifa Stadium, the Doha Torch, and Villaggio Mall. Gated compounds are very common in Al Waab and it is one of the most sought-after areas by families looking for villas for rent, due to its location and large number of international schools nearby. The area is well connected by both road and public transport links. The area is home to a massive real estate development project, Al Waab City, a planned city designed to accommodate over 8000 people and consists of villas, apartment buildings, townhouses, recreational facilities, parks, landscaped walkways, office buildings, a spa, a hotel, restaurants, and boutiques where it is possible to rent a home.

Al Wakra
Al Wakra is a district (not to be confused with the municipality with the same name) situated in the south of Qatar well-suited for families in particular, with over 25 local and international schools. Housing in the area is significantly cheaper than in the capital Doha. There are plenty of apartments and villas in residential compounds for rent, and some come furnished or with bills included for convenience and extra value. The majority of the rental properties are in compounds that have been developed by Ezdan Real Estate, who are well known in Qatar for their high-quality developments and reasonable prices.

Al Wakra has great local attractions including the Al Wakra Heritage Village, encompassing over a hundred shops and restaurants in the ‘Souq Waqif Al Wakra’, and Al Wakra Corniche stretching over 3 km of waterfront near Al Wakra Port. In addition to this, there are plenty of recreational facilities such as parks, beaches, the Al-Wakra Sports Club, and Al Janoub Stadium, one of the host venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Lusail is truly a futuristic and unique city, in that it is the first and largest sustainable city development in Qatar. This development, also known as Lusail City, is in fact designed as a “Smart City” with extensive plans for all neighbourhoods within the city to benefit from excellent facilities including transportation, schools, retail, commercial, and residential districts with much more than just the necessities to ensure the needs of the local community are exceeded.

In addition, the area is home to the brand new and iconic Lusail Stadium, which will host the final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. All kinds of properties are available in Lusail including apartments, penthouses, and villas.

Mushaireb is one of the oldest districts in central Doha, very close to Al Bidda park and the Corniche. In recent years, the area has undergone massive re-development through the Mushaireb Downtown Doha project, covering an area of 31 hectares. Outside of this, there are properties for rent in Mushaireb but mostly in older buildings. Overall, there is a large selection of apartments for rent in the area to suit all budgets. For larger families or for those looking for more luxurious properties, there are larger duplexes and penthouses for rent available. It is worth mentioning that the area has good road and public transport links and is home to Mushaireb Metro station, Qatar’s largest Metro station and major interchange terminal that serves all 3 Metro lines.

Old Airport
Old Airport is a district in Doha closely located to the site of Doha’s old international airport. There are many businesses and retailers, situated on Al Matar Street, which serve the residents of Old Airport. The first ever mall of Qatar, known simply as ‘The Mall’, is also located within the district. There are over 15 local and international schools that serve the area for all ages. A wide variety of homes are available for rent in Old Airport, ranging from apartments and villas both with and without furniture, making the area suitable for all kinds of renters.

Umm Ghuwailina
Umm Ghuwailina is a district in Doha. The area has good road links and a Metro station. The majority of homes available for rent in Umm Ghuwailina are apartments in apartment blocks mainly comprising studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments with all furnishing options. At the time of writing, about half of the apartments for rent are available fully furnished.

The Pearl
Whilst you can find information about The Pearl on their official website, we will give you some important information below. The Pearl has plenty of independently owned shops, cafes, restaurants, and some branches of more well-known brands for food and fashion. At the time of writing, there are 3 large supermarkets including a Carrefour in Lagoona Mall, Spar in Porto Arabia and Monoprix in Medina Centrale. It is also very close to Katara beach and a short drive to the Doha Golf Club. The nearest Metro station for those in the The Pearl is Legtayfiya. The Pearl is an ideal place to live if you work in Al Dafna, the business district and diplomatic area of Doha.

Viva Bahriya and Porto Arabia
The properties available for rent in both these precincts are mainly studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments in large luxurious tower blocks. You can also find townhouses and some penthouses which have more bedrooms, are larger, grander, and command a very high rental price.

Abraj Quartier
Abraj Quartier is known as the ‘Avenue of Towers’ due to the seven towers that are found here, including the two largest towers of The Pearl, known as the UDC towers, which are mixed-use units. It is a prime location for offices, businesses, and companies. There are also residential properties in the form of townhouses and apartments for rent too.

Giardino Village
Giardino Village is a very exclusive precinct of The Pearl. Here you can find mainly privately owned, large, standalone villas, ranging from 500-2500 sqm in size. At the time of writing, there are a number of properties for rent available in one of the newest, high-end gated developments offering compound villas for rent in Doha. In fact, at the moment, it is the only compound development in Giardino Village. The villas found here are all large, 4-bedroom, standalone villas with the latest modern conveniences and compound amenities like a clubhouse, entertainment room, function hall, security and much more. A great choice for families looking for privacy and luxury.

Bahri or La Plage Villas
If you are looking to rent in one of the most prime beachfront rental spots in Doha, then look no further than Bahri Villas and La Plage Villas, as here you can find some of the largest villas for rent in Doha with your very own private beach. There are not many that come up for rent, and they are amongst the most expensive villas to rent in Qatar.

Qanat Quartier
This precinct of The Pearl is the State of Qatar’s very own little Venice, lined with charming pastel-coloured low-rise buildings, intricate canals, and pedestrian-friendly piazzas. There are over 1,100 residential properties for rent, ranging from 1- to 5-bedroom apartments and 2- to 3-bedroom townhouses, set amongst 1.6 kilometres of canals as well as a beautiful beachfront.

West Bay Lagoon (Legtaifiya)
This district of Doha is well known for its luxurious waterfront villas, which are some of the most expensive in the country. It is one of the few areas in Doha where properties are available for purchase by non-Qataris. It is an area highly favoured by both locals and the expatriate population and is one of the most searched for areas when it comes to high-end property in Qatar. It has over 10 local and international schools, making it a popular area for families when moving to Doha. There are plenty of beautiful apartments and luxurious villas for rent in West Bay Lagoon, some with their own private beaches and many other enviable features. If you are looking for an apartment, the Zig-Zag towers are a popular choice.

West Bay Lagoon is very conveniently located for easy access to The Pearl and the business and diplomatic centres of Doha. The area has excellent road links and its own Metro station, Legtaifiya on the Red Line. There are several large International Hotels in the area and extensive retail facilities, including the popular Lagoona Mall with its designer boutiques offering the best brands, modern eateries, and artisan cafes to enjoy some of the best cuisine in Doha.

How to search for a property for rent in Qatar

There are several property portals that list properties for rent in Qatar. The most well-known ones are Property Finder, Qatar Living, Property Oryx, and Hapondo. You can also find properties for rent on some classifieds websites but they are not the best place to find a home to rent because either they do not allow for a detailed search, they hold outdated listings or most reputable agencies do not post on these sites and so you will not have access to a good representation of what is available to rent on the market.

Searching by Locations
Naturally, as Qatar is an Arab nation, many areas have Arabic names which can sometimes cause confusion as some are not easy to pronounce or spell, so most people end up guessing and trying their luck!

Property Oryx – is easy to use and even if you spell an area wrong it will suggest areas to help you out. You can search for properties in multiple areas at the same time.

Property Finder – has quite precise locations listed, so if you are looking for a particular compound or tower you can search for it. You can search for properties in multiple areas at the same time. On the downside though, they seem to have overlapped areas for some locations e.g., West Bay and Dafna (same place).

Qatar Living – you can search for properties in multiple areas at the same time.

Hapondo – you can only search for properties in one area at a time. However, Hapondo does have one unique feature: it is the only portal to have a map search.

In summary, if you are doing a search based upon locations and have a few in mind, then you can do this on all the portals except Hapondo. However, if there is a particular compound or tower that you would like to rent in, then Property Finder can help you with this as some popular towers and compounds can be individually and exactly searched for. The map search function is only offered by Hapondo and some may find this useful.

Searching for Amenities
Amenities are useful features of a property such as air conditioning, built-in wardrobes, a closed kitchen, a balcony, covered parking, a garage, a garden/yard, a sea view etc. Amenities may also be related to the whole building (if it is an apartment) or the development (if it is a compound villa or apartment) such as a barbecue area, children’s pool, concierge, elevator, function hall, maintenance, security or tennis court. Some residences also allow pets, and this would also be described as an amenity.

If you know what amenities you want to have, it can be very helpful to see only properties that have those exact amenities, rather than having to read all the descriptions to figure out if the property is suitable for you. Some sites have a dedicated amenity search which is a very user-friendly feature. Other websites allow users to type them into a free text search, which does not work so well.

Property Oryx – it is easy to search for a home for rent with all the amenities you need at once. There is a useful amenities checklist that you can use to choose all the amenities (from an extensive list of close to 50) you would ideally want in your home. So, no need to type anything, just click away!

Property Finder – you can add the amenities you want the property to have by typing them in the keywords section. You need to add them one by one but if you spell anything wrong you will not get a result. For example, at the time of writing we tested the site with the word “maintenance” as an amenity and got 3387 results. However, with a slight spelling mistake, entering the word as “maintainance” instead returned only 2 results where the listing also had the same spelling error! This might be a problem for users, as English is not the first language of many expats looking for property for rent.

Qatar Living – you can search for amenities by typing them into the search box. Again, if there are any spelling mistakes then it will not return any results. At the time of writing, we found it did not work too well.

Hapondo – there is no amenity or free text search.

In summary, although Property Finder is a very well-known site in many countries and seems popular, the amenity search depends heavily on the user. If you know exactly how the amenity is spelt in their system, you can do a free text search for it. But you will need to know which amenities the platform supports as there is no list for you to choose from. This is a problem because a lot of agents do not pick all the amenities when creating their listings, even though they may have typed it into their description. For example, some type in “children’s pool” and whilst others include “kid’s pool”. So, you can see why it is not as easy as it seems.

It seems the best website by far to filter the listings by amenities is Property Oryx. You can select as many amenities as you want from their amenities checklist and it will quickly bring them back for you. Property Oryx also helps agents out by automatically selecting the amenities for the agents, even if they typed it differently. For example, a listing described as having a “kid’s pool” would come back if you chose to see listings with a children’s pool. This system makes for a much more accurate, inclusive, and intelligent amenity search.

Searching by Price or Budget
Before you start looking for a property for rent, it is quite usual to set a budget for the maximum amount of rent you will pay. All property portals or classifieds sites will allow you to set a minimum and maximum price for your search, and this is the most basic way to narrow down the properties to fall within your budget.

There are some additional factors that can affect the rental price of a property and make it more affordable, however not all property portals or classifieds sites allow you to search for these budget friendly options, and so it really does depend on which one you are using for your property search as explained below.

Bills included
Some properties come with bills included and this is great for those with a strict budget, but it also means not having to deal with unknown bills and remembering to pay monthly etc. Bills included could mean that the utilities like water and electricity are included. Some properties have a telephone line (landline), cable TV or WiFi included. Some properties, especially in The Pearl, have QatarCool (centralised air conditioning) bills included, which is great as in Qatar we rely on air conditioning for many months of the year, as well as a water chiller system to cool the water supply to the property in the scorching summer months.

No deposit
Some landlords do not require a deposit upfront when signing a rental agreement. This is great for those that have maybe just arrived or do not have enough savings to put towards a deposit. For others, it could mean it is a little easier to commit to a rental agreement.

Special offers
Special offers are anything that a landlord may include in the rental agreement that you would otherwise have to pay for. For example, sometimes you may find properties that come advertised as having “1 or 2 months free”. What this usually means, is that once you sign up for a 12/24-month rental agreement, you will get a month or two free, either at the end or the beginning of your contract. So effectively you could stay for 13 months but only pay for 12!

No Commission
It is worth noting that usually agents will charge the renter a commission when a rental agreement is signed. This is typically a half month’s rent, so two weeks. However, there are some agents that do not charge any commission and, in some listings, you will see “no commission” stated to indicate there is nothing to pay the agent when signing the rental agreement.

Property Oryx – you can search for options like bills included, no deposit, and special offers by selecting these from the convenient ‘other filters’ menu.

Hapondo – the site has the option to select no commission or special offers when searching.

Property Finder and Qatar Living – you cannot easily search for special offers unless you use the keyword search, but it is not very effective as agencies write things in many different ways.

In summary, Property Finder and Qatar Living restrict the user when it comes to searching based on price and budget. Hapondo does a better job by helping the user find properties that have budget friendly options as already mentioned, but as they don’t have many listings (just over 1000 at the time of writing), the site represents a very limited number of options actually available on the market.

Property Oryx has the most comprehensive, budget-friendly search options available for users, and at the time of writing, they are the 2nd largest property portal in Qatar, offering a good representation of the total market with over 6000 listed properties.

Searching by Property Type
You may already have a preference for whether you want to live in an apartment or villa, but in some cases, you may find that a general search of all the properties for rent available brings good alternative options. For example, when considering an apartment, you may find that a compound apartment offers better amenities.

Property Oryx – using their thorough search facility, you can search for properties by more than one property type at once and can select any combination of them.

Property Finder, Qatar Living and Hapondo – you can search for properties for rent by selecting a single property type at a time, making the search a limited one.

In summary, as agents list properties in one specific category of property type, this can sometimes be a problem as they may choose the wrong category. For example, they may advertise a compound villa as a standalone villa instead. Sometimes a large villa is converted into smaller units like studios or 1-bedroom flats, but these are often wrongly listed as a villa instead of studio or 1-bedroom apartments.

Property Oryx supports a broader search by property type. For example, they have a “villas for rent in Qatar” page which shows both property types – a standalone villa and compound villa – together. A feature unique to this website only, it is highly beneficial if you are not too concerned about which type you want. The rest of the well-known property portals in Qatar only offer a limited search.

Searching by Furnishing
One important point to consider when looking for a property is the furnishing option. Depending on your situation, you may decide that a furnished property is better. For example, you may not be planning to stay for long, you may not have the initial funds to put towards furniture or you may not want to deal with moving bulky furniture and large kitchen appliances when you come to the end of your rental term.

Or alternatively, you may prefer an unfurnished property because you already have furniture. Perhaps you are in Qatar and your current agreement is ending, or you are moving from another country and bringing all your household items, furniture etc. with you. Some may prefer to save the difference in rent between a furnished and unfurnished property, and instead invest that money into furniture of their choice to take with them when they move property, or they leave to go back to their own country etc.

There is also the semi-furnished or partly furnished option, and this usually means the property may have some kitchen appliances like a fridge, a cooker, and oven etc. It may also be fitted with some wardrobes in the bedrooms but not much else.

Moreover, even if you cannot, or do not want to take a furnished (more expensive) property for rent, you can always source essential furniture and reasonably priced household goods quite easily from IKEA, who will also deliver and assemble the furniture for you. Home Centre is another popular site for great deals on furniture which can also be delivered to your home. There are also a number of classifieds sites where you can source second hand furniture, kitchen appliances, and electronics such as Mzad, OLX, and Qatar Living.

Some homes are simultaneously advertised as both fully furnished and unfurnished. This means that you can rent the property and choose which furnishing option suits you as the landlord is flexible. Ahmad Al Kuwari says, “Don’t worry if you find your perfect home and it’s advertised as furnished, sometimes the landlord will accept to move their furniture out. Speak to the agent they should be happy to assist”.

Property Oryx – you can search for properties in a flexible manner, either by choosing a single furnishing type (fully furnished, partly furnished, or unfurnished), or any combination of the three at once.

Property Finder, Qatar Living and Hapondo – you can only search for a single kind of furnishing at a time.

In summary, Property Oryx has the most helpful and flexible search to find properties by furnishing type out of all the sites looked at.

Searching for Rooms
If you are looking for a room for rent in Qatar and plan on staying for a while, you can try the following options below. Whilst some websites do not have a dedicated section for rooms, you can still often find relevant listings by typing in “room” in their text search.

Qatar Living – this is the only website that has a shared accommodation section which has a very large number of listings.

Hapondo – you can search for rooms on this site, but at the time of writing, there are only 2 listed.

Viewing properties

Once you have found properties that you are interested in, the next step is to book a viewing. Although listings can be quite detailed, most have several pictures and perhaps even a video, nothing beats seeing the property in person. When contacting the agent to arrange a viewing at a convenient time, ask them to send you the exact location of the property and their mobile number so you can call them if you need assistance. It helps to confirm the appointment again on the day to make sure that you have a successful viewing.

A useful tip from Ahmad Al Kuwari is: “Once you have found a few properties that you like, contact the agents. If you want a faster response, it is sometimes quicker to send a message on WhatsApp than wait for an agent to email or call back. For property viewings it may be useful to prepare your questions in advance and if you are unsure of anything, just ask!”

Typical requirements for renting
Once you have found your perfect home, you will then need to complete the rental agreement. You will need a copy of your passport, Qatar ID, post-dated cheques, and a security cheque (if required). Check the exact requirements with the agent.

Most agents will insist on post-dated cheques. If you do not have a chequebook then do not worry, you still have a good chance of renting your chosen home. Ahmad Al-Kuwari says, “It helps to make sure you attend any viewings smartly dressed and presentable, and if you do not have the cheques ready when you go for signing the contract then try taking 2-3 months’ rent in cash. This can help make your serious intentions known to the agent/landlord who will often agree to sign the contract and give you enough time to get a chequebook. Make sure to obtain a receipt for any cash given.”

Contracts are usually 12 months but can be longer and are renewed as usual at the end of the term. Most landlords will impose a penalty if you terminate your contract earlier than agreed. However, if you can show that there is a good reason, they may be flexible and make an exception on this.

You will need to check the terms and conditions of your rental agreement with the agent before you sign the contract. If you are not sure of anything, it is advisable to ask the agent to clarify further.


The properties offered on the rental market in Qatar are varied, and what you find will depend on the location and price. If you do not mind commuting or do not need to be close to Doha, then consider looking outside of the capital for newer properties and cheaper options. If you are unsure of your situation and how long you are staying, it may be better to consider furnished or short-term options.

Finding a home to rent in Qatar can be quick and easy if you use a good quality property portal that has a comprehensive and dedicated search facility. It also helps to use a site that has a large number of listings, as you will be able to access a wider variety of properties and will have more choice.

Overall, we found Property Oryx to be the best website to use if you are looking to rent in Qatar. They have a large number of listings and cover the whole market, from budget friendly cheaper options to the high-end luxury homes. Property Oryx has one main downside though, which is that it does not support browsing in Arabic. In that case, we think Property Finder is a great website for the Arabic-speaking audience. Qatar Living is the best site for the lower end of the market, with plenty of listed single rooms to rent and short-term rentals.

We hope you have found this guide useful, and wish you all the best in your search for a property to rent in Qatar!

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