The Golden Mosque

Every day during Ramadan a cannon is fired – yes you read correc a CANNON IS FIRED to signify the breaking of fast. In fact there a four cannons that are fired across Doha; all spread out across the city so that the massive bang can be heard citywide.

The purpose of the cannon is somewhat obsolete for today’s day and age, so it is mostly ceremonial and a traditional act. The tradition is taken from early years when there were no clocks to tell the time or speakers to amplify the azaan (call to prayer); so a cannon was fired for all to hear the time to break fast.

Headed towards the main cannon firing, which is in the car park of the State Mosque of Qatar. Children playing on and around the cannon as if it were a big toy. The place was packed with families, children running around and people taking photos. Qatar Charity was also there, handing out food boxes for the many families standing around ready for iftaar.

With about 10 minutes left, the security staff cleared the area and everyone eagerly awaited. At exactly 6.27pm the call to prayer rang out from the mosque and almost in unison the shot was fired. An almighty bang, a lot louder than I had imagined gave a number of kids and adults a massive fright. Recommend making it a family event and taking food to have a picnic from the boot of your car before heading up to the mosque for the maghrib prayer.

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